red viper vs mountain

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well shit

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    tiki god

    Yeah, I dunno. unless he had some serious bone cancer, I’m going to say that it would be incredibly difficult to pop a man’s head like that.


    You gotta admit, it was pretty mind-blowing.



    The mountain was over 8′ tall and in full battle armor. The weight of a mountain could crush a skull like that.


    just testing spoiler tags






    Serious Spoiler (no seriously this time) —

    The Mountain soon gets brought back from death as a zombie killing machine by Maester Qyburn, at Cersei’s behest.
    What I REALLY would love to see is him eventually going up against a 10′-15′ tall true Giant from beyond the Wall.


    So, you have no problem with a world containing dragons, white walkers, and 8-foot-tall men that move like linebackers, but the idea that said 8-foot-tall man is strong enough to crush a man’s skull bothers you?

    You’re like the people who have no problem with Superman flying but think it’s unbearably unrealistic that he doesn’t end up naked every time someone throws a grenade at him.

    tiki god

    it’s internal consistancy that I strive for. if they say that superman himself is invulnerable but his costume is made by a local seamstress, then yes, I would have a problem with it not being damaged at all. if they say that he projects a small invulnerability field around him, then sure, it shouldn’t be damaged. (ala,90’s supergirl) if they say his costume is made from alien super cloth, fine, no damage. (ala fantastic four) In GOT, they say that people are normal people, and the Mountain is just a normal but huge man. Normal physics would apply there. So… Read more »


    What about white walkers? What physics would apply to them? Can’t be human physics…there is magic, who’s to say he didn’t at some point get a spell cast on him altering his strength some how….How about the physics of leaping into other bodies……..seriously, we’re gonna nitpick now?


    So he weights in about 275 – 300+ lbs. Plus armor which prob adds an extra 50+ lbs. Plus the fact he already damaged the integrity of the skull by having is thumbs in the eye sockets. Plus the amount of times a head being smashed into a stone ground. Is it really that impossible?



    MAKE THEM FUCKING STOP ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Why are you the only one this is happening to?


    Are the ads crushing your head?

    tiki god

    AdNXS again?


    Yes- AdNXS fucking AGAIN- it just happened again…. FUCK! It’s on RIGHT NOW.

    No more BOUNCE submissions until that shit stops. I have over 100 of them….



    I went to high school with Pedro Pascal. Kinda weird to see his head Smashed like that, though I knew it was coming(read the books).


    Thats cool. Was he a neat guy? Did he act in the theatre shows at school?
    And i get that people reading the books saw it coming, but still I’m fininshing the first one, and people spoiled it online before it was happening. Sooooooo…
    I want my justice.


    From what I remember of him he was a REALLY good guy. He was a year ahead of me. Class of ’93. A good friend of mine carpooled with him every day to school. He absolutely did theater in high school. Honestly even after reading the book, I was still surprised to see it go down. I thought for sure they changed it up (because they have changed other stuff a bit) with the amount of ass wooing he laid on the mountain. The other day the friend that carpooled with him posted to Facebook and he responded. Still seems… Read more »

    Father Dougal

    “ass wooing”

    This has gotta be my favorite typo of all time!

    …but I know what you mean. Even after reading the books, after seeing him plant that freaking spear smack in the middle of the mountain’s chest, I allowed myself a glimmer of hope that they’d rewrite this part of the story. …nope.


    Considering this is the Mountain, I could believe him crushing a skull.