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    The usual NRA strawman argument. There hasn’t been a serious plan to ban all firearms in the last 50 years, outside of NRA propaganda. Look at the congressional record.

    Registering guns and doing background checks isn’t banning guns. You register you car or truck, don’t you? Are you afraid “Obama’s Stormtroopers” are going to come and take your F150 away?

    Grow up and join the 21st century.


    Driving a vehicle on a public roadway is a privilege, not a right. Owning firearms is a right, not a privilege.


    Because when seconds count the firefighter and police are only minutes away.


    The primary purpose of a fire extinguisher is to put out a fire. The primary purpose of a gun is to put a high-speed projectile in another living thing. Yes, those are EXACTLY alike.


    Your strawman has a point: They really are alike. Fire is usually good, but sometimes fire can be a serious and immediate danger to your life and health. People are the same – usually good (or at least not directly harmful), but sometimes a serious and immediate danger to your life and health.


    Firefighting and law enforcement are not remotely the same thing. No wonder why America has education problems. Apparently it’s full of half-wits who just make things up and decide to believe it.


    Spoken by someone who has done neither.


    Strangely I never hear about someone going on a rampage armed with half a dozen assorted styles of fire extinguisher…


    ^This. and /thread.


    I’ve never heard of an NRA member doing it, or for that matter, a Republican, a Conservative, or a Libertarian.

    Father Dougal

    errr, because there are thousands of liberals, democrats and whatnots who HAVE rampaged with fire extinguishers? riiiiiiight.


    Classic Tiki


    I could always use more fire extinguisher when your mom is around


    A no win argument… those who believe in self defense and the right to bear arms and those who believe gun control is the answer…the last man standing will be the winner.


    Some people don’t believe in either of those things.

    I think that the right to bear arms is bullshit that doesn’t deserve to be in the US constitution and that the data on guns being useful for self-defense (vs likelihood of harming the user) is iffy at best. Conversely, I think that gun control restricts people’s freedoms in order to try (without enough proven success) to increase safety, while ignoring the root causes of violence.

    recovering feminist

    There’s a difference between the “masculine” way to solve problems and the “feminine” way. When dealing with an opponent with greater power/strength than your own, the masculine way is to increase your own power/strength so you can exterminate your opponent if he decides to attack you. The feminine way is to try to reduce the power/strength of your opponent until they are no longer capable of hurting you. Historically, the “masculine” way has resulted in everything in the modern world, from weapons to medicines to sciences to building construction and everything in between. The “feminine” way has resulted in 10,000… Read more »


    Well that’s a very poor attitude you have towards women.


    The one where you learn that dealing in absolutes is completely stupid and realize that there are numerous ways to solve any given problem?

    No really though, go on with your theory. It’s not like we don’t have enough retarded assholes spewing their stupidity all over the net as it is.


    Some believe in the right to self defense which every living being has and others believe that the State is responsible for their well-being and protection even though the throughout history the State is the primary source of violence.


    I’ll be glad when Tiki makes a version of this site for grown-ups.


    Lee-Enfield ?
    Wat ?


    Everyone that wants to give up their guns should voluntarily give up their guns already so we can stop this silly argument.


    it’s not a gun problem anyhow, it’s a people problem. Try to get that in your head. j/s
    I just read a story about some Russian that tried to burn his wife alive while his kids watched… is that somehow better then a gun? I’ts demented people.