tv athiests

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    Big Brother

    No, that’s pretty accurate.


    Only for the one type of Atheist. There are two main types of Atheist.

    There’s the annoying kind which are the Gnostic Atheists (often just referred to as “atheists”). These are the angry assholes that BELIEVE as a fact there is NO GOD and are fanatical in this belief and absolutely HATE religion.

    Then there are the Agnostic Atheists (often just referred to as “agnostics”). These are the happy Atheists that don’t have a problem with religion and would be fine with believing in god if it could be proven to them.


    EVERYONE KNOWS there’s no god. EVERYONE KNOWS religion is just a fairy tale that people tell themselves to make the harshness of their own lives more bearable. The unavoidable proof of this? EVERYONE KNOWS the death of a child is a tragedy. But if you believed in god and you believed that a child will invariably end up in heaven when they die, then in which possible way would the death of a child be a tragedy? If there was a god, then the death of a child would simply mean that he stopped suffering all the hardships of life… Read more »


    Okay, so here ^^^ you have an example of a Gnostic Atheist. Notice how they sound just like a religious person, but their “belief” is in the non-existence of god, as opposed to simply not having any beliefs.


    the use of the phrase “everyone knows” … an excellent “blip” for the detection of… well … how to be charitable here? someone flying low and slow below information coverage? Jammers set to anti-thought?



    butthurt for attention with your mommies you half wits


    And all of them way above average intelligence.
    They got that part right…..


    Then I guess that means you’re not smart enough to be an atheist.


    As you seem to be interested, yes,I am an atheist manly.
    But I couldn’t care less what you believe…

    No why don’t you go do one of your all day posting frenzies to drown out that aching emptiness in your life…..




    Your keyboard types “Yawn”, but your comment frenzy says “yes!”…..


    You two, we don’t give a fuck about your sexuality. We get it, you’re gay. Congratulations! Being gay doesn’t make you “cute” or “special” or anything else like that. It’s just normal now, so shut the fuck up and contribute to society.


    We get it Stone.
    You and manly fink are the same poster.
    Seriously….did you really think you were fooling anyone?


    I’m also Storminator, Tiki, Saborlas, theredshoes, rdeckard, 1eyedking, Turner, Korinthian, Fester, and everyone else you disagree with. And we’re all out to get you, gropegrope.


    Please…….carry on…..




    Wait, I thought I was supposed to be OverylyManlyMan/nobody-knows/casemods? I’ve also been accused of being gropegrope so it’s all good.


    They ARE actors. Their apparent intelligence owes to a TEAM of writers.


    I’m curious what you’re implying then snkdrbg….
    That their fictional personality attributes are accurate but their fictional intelligence isn’t….?
    They’re all fictional characters.

    But many studies show that on average atheist do tend to have higher IQs.
    That’s just a fact.


    This is the worst thread in the history.


    meanwhile on the internet…portrayal of athiests = neckbeards…neckbeards everywhere.


    You forgot Whatshisface McAbs from True Detective. Nihilist, wasn’t it?

    House and Dexter are two of my favorite characters to ever appear on TV. I can’t think of a very Christian character (right now, at least) that I’ve found interesting at all. But I’m biased.


    Didn’t watch any of those TV shows. Is that bad ?


    How are ugly old ladies on television portrayed?

    As being cranky old nags.

    Lets all get butthurt over something!