Leto II

leto_atreides_ii__god_emperor_of_dune_by_gorrem-d7bfwcm.jpg (362 KB)

God Emperor of Dune


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    I am both father and mother to my people. I have known the ecstasy of birth and the ecstasy of death and I know the patterns that you must team. Have I not wandered intoxicated through the universe of shapes? Yes! I have seen you outlined in light. That universe which you say you see and feel, that universe is my dream. My energies focus upon it and I am in any realm and every realm. Thus, you are born.

    -The Stolen Journals


    I want to like it but it’s just not right as far as I remember from the books. Looks like a clitoris in this picture.


    yeah, in the books he looked like a giant penis.


    Damn, bro…what kind of dates have YOU been going on?!

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