Flash! Ah Ah! Saviour of the universe!

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I’ve heard a disturbing rumour that a new Flash Gordon film is on the starting block. But they’ll never get a better Ming than Von Sydow who had the time of his usually bleak, Bergmanesque life swishing around in costumes by Danilo Donati www.imdb.com/name/nm0232219/ who also designed the whole eye searing production.

As I kid a watched the serial on Saturday mornings and had a morbid fascination with the Clay People. How could they be alive if they were made of clay?! You know the way kids think. It was the same mode of reasoning that freaked me out every time I heard the end of Urban Spaceman. “Now here’s the twist. I don’t exist.” My small cranium would implode under the pressure of the lack of logic.

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    Flash, I love you!
    But we only have 14 hours to save the Earth……


    von Sydow is still acting. No reason he couldn’t do Ming again…