russian nuclear strikes


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    They could probably cross Detroit off that list…..


    nowadays if they want to target the USA’s manufacturing industry…they need to nuke Mexico and China.


    California is gonna be: “Sunny Shroom State” 😀




    It was nice of them to post these to MCS. I hope the CIA doesn’t see them.

    tiki god

    I don’t understand why they would put tallahassee on their target list. seems like the city’s not worth much, atomically speaking.


    Several old nuke silos around there. Most have been decommissioned by now though. Also there is an army base, and in the “hit everything” option they were literally going to hit anything that even looked like soldiers would be there…same reason the US list had a lot of targets in Siberia.

    Few years ago they shut down a silo out where I live…thing was hidden right next to the airport with the access tunnel disguised as a maintenance shed. The thing completely escaped civilian notice until then.

    tiki god

    how in the world would they put silos in our watery sand? sure we have some places that are Georgia clay, but I would have thought we were too close to the coast to build under ground very far. Our water tables are usually only about 15-20 feet down.


    The Atlas D & E and Nike missiles were stored horizontally with cranes that stood them up before launch. I think I remember reading a thing about several silos in the Apalachicola National Forest. Pretty much any coastal area of Florida was covered in nukes because of fear of Cuba.

    Here’s a bit on one from the Everglades

    And don’t forget that NASA had facilities all over Florida, and that put it on both the manufacturing and military targets list.


    guh…and I forgot…it’s a state capitol…they picked all the capitols just in case.