Snoqualmie Falls, Washington

Snoqualmie Falls, Washington .jpg

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    I ride by there all the time.

    tiki god

    No shit? Ever see dancing midgets?


    He sees those everywhere –even with his eyes closed.


    Nope. Lots of rainbows- no pot of gold.


    I’ve not ridden there yet, but it’s on my list. Doing a loop around the Olympic Peninsula mid-summer. might have to head home via the falls and stop for a bit.


    Awesome. Be sure to ride up Hurricane Ridge while you’re doing it. The view is incredible. I am going to hit Paloose Falls this summer, and exotic Walla Walla. LMAO


    Walla Walla, eh? down in my part of the state! about the only exotic things down here are the dancers, unfortunately.

    and, when i asked some of the locals for tips on my peninsula trip, there was a resounding “DO NOT MISS HURRICANE RIDGE” in reply. i’ll be sure not to skip it!


    I’ve been riding the circumference of WA, and I have about 60% done so far. That means that I have to ride Hwy 129 between Lewiston ID, and into Oregon. Then I’ll hit Paloose Falls and ride to the Dry Falls north of Ephrata, then home to Federal Way.

    There are some very curvy roads on the peninsula. I suggest riding it counter-clockwise so everything is on the right. It’s a 500 mile ride. Are you going to camp?