The king dies

Spoilers for the latest episode of Game of Thrones:


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well that happen fast

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    The make up artist deserves an award.

    tiki god

    I can only imagine that it was 99% cgi, unless he had some blood caps up in his nose that they were breaking.

    it was a sad scene, but then I had to remember how much of a royal cunt he was for the entire series.


    I don’t know how they did it- but it was the scariest poisoning scene that I have ever witnessed. I love the blood stippling on his cheeks. Very impressive.

    tiki god

    I agree it was horrifying to see that.


    They’re already calling it “The Purple Wedding” lol


    Don’t put spoilers in the fucking title.

    tiki god

    There are literally a dozen ‘kings’ in this series. It’s ambiguous enough.


    At this stage of the story, there is NOBODY else that the viewers would know under the title of ‘king’. It’s not ambiguous at all.


    I’m gonna miss his character. Great actor.