SNOWPIERCER movie poster

Recently saw this, and damn it had such potential, but there were some pretty serious problems with the story line, and even the basic premise.  Of all things, why would you choose to ride on a train after a snowpocalypse? In what universe does a train keep running at 200mph (or more?) for 18 years straight without needing to have an overhaul done on it’s basic mechanical parts?

Was nice to see Chris Evans in a roll that didn’t require him to be shirtless for half the movie (wait, maybe that’s not a good thing?), he really got to show his acting range, which was the high point of the movie.  Seen it?  whats your opinion?

Here’s some more pictures from the film:


snowpiercer men in masks Snowpiercer-2013-3 Snowpiercer - Property of Wilford Industries snowpiercer3

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    Damn. I really wanted this movie to be good. I’m a big Bong Joon-Ho fan. The premise isn’t really his fault since it’s based on a graphic novel, but I’m assuming he had a hand in adapting it. Shame. I’ll still go and see it to make up my own mind.


    i went in relatively open minded, knowing that the basic premise is more than flawed, so i wasn’t disappointed at least. i liked the martial arts guy, the asian dad and especially his daughter, she’s been cute as a button!

    chris evans was quite ok and jamie bell did good, too, but the ending was a bit of a let down again.

    maybe i’ll watch the other one from joon ho, the host, i guess it’ll be more enjoyable for me.


    The Host is brilliant. I also recommend Memories Of Murder.