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    I would very much have liked to see the “U.S.S. Planet Express” up there.


    Missing Serenity as well.
    But I’m guessing by the version of the Enterprise, this artwork predates Firefly….


    It’s not as old as you might think. There are ships from Babylon 5 (Starfury FTW, Shadow Crab FTPwnage), and Star Wars’ N-1.


    Possibly predates Firefly. The fighter from the Phantom Menace puts the image at 1999 or later. Firefly was 2002.

    one star
    no stargate


    You would like Stargate, casemods.


    Yeah, you would like Stargate, casemods.


    Artist liked 2001 A Space Odyssey – it’s got 4 entries.
    Not sure if Babylon 5 has 4 or 5 entries, I don’t think that UFO is meant to be he disc ship from B5.


    Well, Duh ! – the friggin’ Monolith takes majority of the image. From the top: – Discovery from “2001 a Space Odyssey”, “2010”, – Pod, ditto – white “arrow” below it – don’t have a clue, – Yellow and Blue – Vorlon transport from “Babylon 5”, – Millennium Falcon from “Star Wars”, – slim, pointy white one – don’t have a clue, – right to it – Eagle form “Space 1999”, – another white arrow – don’t have a clue, – orange one, with pointy tip – probably spaceship from “Flash Gordon”, – below it – USS SULACO from “Aliens”,… Read more »


    I think the first “white arrow” classic rocket is the one from “When Worlds Collide”. The roundish one to the left of the star wars ship is a Cylon attack ship from the old Battlestar Galactica. The others I recognize…but can’t place what they’re from

    Dyon 86

    Yes to “When Worlds Colide”.
    Orange/brown one below that looks like a Flash Gordon rocket but not 100% sure.
    Just behind Millennium Falcon is “First Spaceship on Venus”.
    Pointy rocket in front of Star Wars N-1 is Luna from “Destination Moon”.
    First on bottom row is the Aurora UFO from “The Invaders” tv series.