Why you should immunizie your children

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    And if everyone get’s immunized, the government can drug the entire populace with whatever they want!


    This is what anti-vaxxers actually believe.


    Dude, you got some old info – “now” corporations run governments, not the other way around.


    Fine, if everyone get’s immunized, the corporations can drug the entire populace with whatever they want!


    It’s a simple matter of natural selection. If you don’t vaccinate yourself, you die, and the world is a better place for those who aren’t retarded.

    So, by all means, encourage stupid people to believe that vaccines are bad for them.


    Um….no The whole point is that – If you don’t vaccinate yourself, other people die, and the world is a worse place for those who aren’t retarded.

    So no, Don’t encourage stupid people to believe that vaccines are bad for them. Convince them they are good for their selfish asses, or cast them out, or force the vaccine on them, or kill them. Your comment is very exactly wrong.


    The problem is that if you don’t vaccinate yourself, you not only put yourself at risk, but you also put those that -can’t- be vaccinated at risk too.

    We may never get 100% immunity, but we must always try to get as close to 100% as we can, so that herd immunity protects those that cannot be vaccinated.


    but if i vaccinate my child, he’ll get autism! 🙁


    No, that is a lie.

    You really, really should educate yourself properly on this, and not rely on medical advice from pop culture icons or quacks for your child’s medical needs.

    Gleep Blorp

    no, you are lying. nyaaah! 😛


    Dude in Alberta’s wife nagged until he got the flu shot and now he has to relearn to walk.

    So preach away, guys. Just not at him. Or his wife.

    Just Sayin'

    Thimerosal, is an organomercury compound used as a preservative in vaccines. Mercury is toxic. They say it is safe but if Thimerosal is used in every vaccine and children are mandated to receive 11, some with two or three separate doses…where does the toxicity level begin? Big corporations hid the fact that Bisphenol A was safe too…just don’t be a sheep…think about it.


    Are you a doctor?

    Jut Sayin'

    No, my brother is. He has researched it. Basic common sense, read the CDC Vaccine Information Sheets. It is clearly listed. Not to mention the possible side effects such as Guillain-Barré Syndrome? Make your own decision. Just sayin’ think about it, don’t just be a sheep.


    Well My brother is ruler of the universe, and he says youre full of shit.

    Just Sayin'

    Well…sounds like you’ve already had a double dose of Troll vaccine?


    I always pause when a layperson says they know better than scientists based on “basic common sense.” Chlorine is poisonous, but sodium chloride is necessary for sustaining life. Nothing in quantum physics works by “basic common sense.” Even Newtonian physics wasn’t “common sense” when it was first established. All perceived realities must be questioned, studied, and proven true before they are accepted scientifically. If “common sense” (which is, at best, nebulous, variable and untrustworthy) trumped empiricism, scientific inquiry would have ended with Aristotle.

    And no, doctors are not scientists, so anonymous internet brothers have no authority.

    Just Sayin'

    …and, are you a scientist…or just another troll?

    By all means, pump yourself full of empiricism (and Thimerosal). You obviously have no “common sense”.


    Theres a very old saying, I think you should take note of, better to let people think your an idiot, than open your mouth and remove all doubt. That goes for your “Doctor” brother as well.
    Because we all know just how dumb you are now, don’t we boys and girls.


    “…don’t we boys and girls.” …what, are you Mr. Rogers?

    Thank you for proving my point that over-exposure to Thimerisol lowers IQ. Now, be a good little corporate sheep; it’s time for your next round of shots.