why have a problem with religion

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    But never forget that if you say anything even slightly unkind about Islam, you’re clearly and evil islamophobic bigot who hates brown people.


    THAT is what you got from that entire thing?





    Using a contraction in an initialism is very bad form.


    Nurgen is a faggot


    A faggot, you say? You slash me with your words! Perhaps I will have to forego using the internet altogether after suffering from the assaults of your rapier-like wit (whoever you are).

    Oh look, kitten videos!


    Religion is Repulsive.


    W0w- at least 13 stupid fucking christians.


    Its just Manlyfink and his data-plan.


    Feminism proves you don’t need religion to be a bigot.


    So what exactly is it about girls that you hate manlyfink?
    That they won’t have anything to do with you….?
    Or something deeper perhaps….?


    They don’t have a cock, that’s what he hates about women.


    Feminism is just a toxic ideology, not a gender. It only represents a small minority of women.


    Why is feminism a toxic ideology? Equal treatment really so threatening?


    Equal my ass. You want to be told you’re special; even if you’re fat or ugly.
    Feminism is a joke.


    If Feminism is about equality, why is it only named after women? What are you willing to admit Feminism offers you that Egalitarianism cannot? Can you name one Feminist stance that doesn’t blame men as the cause? If Feminism is really about equality, then what have Feminists ever sacrificed to help men achieve equality? If Feminism is about equality, why do Feminists believe it’s never okay to hit a woman, but sometimes it’s okay to hit a man? If Feminism is about equality, then why don’t they advocate 50:50 male/female hiring quotas teachers, nurses, daycare, HR, and administrative staff? If… Read more »


    The followups to this comment prove that you don’t need religion to be a bigot.




    Seems like a lot of hatred for abrahamic faiths.
    What about Taoism, Buddhism, Jainism, et. al.? Hate them too?


    Taoism, Buddhism and Jainism reject the idea of a creator deity. You’ll notice the religions in this post don’t.


    Seems like the author has a problem with douchebags which use religion as an excuse for their douchebag behavior.


    The same way people had problem with douchebags which use Nazism as an excuse for their douchbag behavior.

    SRSLY comments like the above are so stupid that it literally hurts. Fucking idiot.


    Well that took a while to read. Very bloody emotive. Problem is that there’s plenty which is good with religions, it all comes down to how people choose to use live their faith. As for the silly statement about feminism above, yes I’m sure that you can find any number of moronic and stupid radical statements and claims by extreme feminists. But feminism itself is in no way wrong, the only pity is that a movement was ever needed. NoH8 – I know it’s a thing supporting LGBT but I kinda think it’d be good if it was expanded across… Read more »


    Feel free to expand on ‘there’s plenty which is good with religions’, ’cause I can’t think of anything.


    e.g. “Love your enemies” goes way beyond the itsy bitsy tolerance you are crying for.


    Loving your enemies is both ridiculous and morally questionable. That’s not to say that we should wish torture and death upon our enemies, but love? Seriously, if anyone actually put this into practise, their definition of ‘love’ would be so watered down as to be virtually meaningless.


    Besides which, that surely falls under the domain of philosophy, regardless of who is given credit for the original quote.

    That’s not to say that no religious texts have anything of value to say, but those things would still be valid if the religion were proven to be entirely fiction, and might also exist independently of the text. For example, it’s not like people had NO idea that murder was generally a bad idea before reading the Bible.


    Perhaps a better reference would be
    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, and “Love your neighbor as yourself”.
    Were this followed, zealots would be tempered. For this reason I tolerate most beliefs, with the exception of those beliefs that have no tolerance of others.



    This is a concept that exists across cultures and across the world. It’s nice for some religious texts to include it, but it’s definitely not a religious idea.

    “Do what I say or be tortured forever”, “Apostasy is punishable by pariahdom or death”, and “Hack at your children’s genitals” on the other hand, don’t make a lot of sense outside a religious context.


    I quite agree with marauderdeuce: Religion is VERY much what its followers do in its name. I consider myself to belong to one of the big ones in this world, but sometimes I don’t even want to live on this earth any more – toooooo much shame. As for clarification: I don’t know for how long already the U.S of A. are no longer christian, even if so many call and consider themselves to be. They simply don’t live by it. Another thought: There are still quite a bunch of core values that many religions share, which are undeniably good.… Read more »


    Without religion we’d live in a militant state one way or another and all you ungrateful hipster faggots would be slaves.

    So say THANK YOU JESUS AND THANK YOU CHRISTIANS because they’re the reason you and every limp moron like are you free. Otherwise you would not be you would be in chains as people like you were before organized religion.

    This is called reality.


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    Ya I’M the ignorant hick?


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    Don’t get mad, obama voting faggot. So what if you couldn’t even find where I’m from ona map because you’re a product of America’s public education system.

    You go ahead and try to be pedantic towards someone who can’t even fathom what its like to be as stupid as an American “liberal” half wit. You go ahead.

    And be funny this time. I upvoted you to make you feel a bit better.


    Wait, everyone would be slaves? There would have to be some really bizarre system of cross-ownership going on.


    Is that really clever to you?


    No wonder Christians scare you. I bet you would love to suck a jew cock wouldn’t you? Like Leah Dunams?


    Whew, I’m glad the M[c]S crew sorted this one out! Could you also whine your opinions on gun control, welfare, and how great things are in Europe as well?


    “and how great things are in Europe as well?”