Sailor Jerry Girls

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    With my dual accounts, I’ve been one-starring posts like this just because I don’t like the OP, but also because I hate women –even attractive ones!

    Is there any better proof that I’m gay?


    What account?


    Yeah, you don’t need an account to rate posts. What have you been smoking?


    Oh have I touched a nerve lil’ missus? Have I got you talking to yourself again?


    Anyone else wish that OverlyManlyMan would just fuck off and die in a dark corner?


    Either you’re too stupid to realize just anyone can be the “OverlyManlyMan” ID until Tiki fixes account creation, or you ARE the idiot pretending to be OverlyManlyMan today.

    tiki god

    I’ve confirmed that there’s no problems with the registration system, people can register just fine, they just choose not to.

    if you’re trying to register and dont’ see the email, check your spam folder, that’s likely where it ended up


    Looks like someone has already gone and registered my ID.


    ^Quick, grasp some more of these:


    let me just add some fuel to the fire


    You know your posts have been least affected by the vote down drive-by’s going on. Don’t think no one has noticed.


    1 star no longer affect me, see for your self

    nobody knows

    Oh and I didn’t just quickly down vote my own posts to cover my tracks. I’m not Gropegrope.