death wish


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    1. Formating doesn’t (completely) erase the data.
    2. You could always use TrueCrypt, or something like that, and die worry free*.


    a straight-0 format will completely erase everything…but a much faster solution is to take a plasma-welder to the platters. No Hard-Drive=Nothing to read.


    Word has it a few seconds in the microwave does the trick

    nobody knows

    I wouldn’t want my parents finding my… ah… Cheese Pizza.


    Saw a cop drama where the police were going after a hacker. Found his place and attempted to seize his pc. Only problem for the police was that he had attached a high intensity electromagnet to the inner door frame of his room, so that when the cops carried the pc through the door it erased the drives.

    So my question is this, could this really be done, or is it just complete tv bullshit?