guns in texas


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    Clearly, Texas has an out-of-control gun problem.


    I don’t know, if I were a crook, I wouldn’t want to take my chances in Texas, what with everyone packing heat.


    Surely that would mean that the crooks are all armed as well? Makes for a nice escalation.


    …and an asshole


    If one thinks it’s a(n) (out of control gun)problem – just don’t go to Texas. I’m sure given time and perhaps counselling they will get over the trauma of not being worthy of your visit.
    BTW… any ideas for those jurisdictions with an out of control CRIME problem?
    re: “nice escalation” .. The last thing anybody wants to do when being robbed, raped or beaten is to escalate anything. Because then things might go badly right?


    Its factually actuate to say that the world is actually getting safer, crime across the board is down. This of course is of great concern to entities like Fox News who want you to live in fear so they can control you more, OMG armed immigrants are taking our jobs we need to fight back. But who needs facts, when you can have your very own gun. Oh and escalation is someone steals a TV, the home owner pulls a gun and kills the thief, next time someone breaks in somewhere they are more likely to be armed and present… Read more »


    Ask yourself why crime is going down – do you think perhaps it’s because more and more states are relaxing concealed carry laws since the 90s? Factually more guns = less crime. Or perhaps you believe the liberals that all guns are evil and kill people? If someone kicks in your front door I assume you will call someone with guns – no?


    That’s globally, there are plenty of countries that have strict gun laws that also have falling crime rates, so the old its because we have guns argument is completely invalid.


    I think you are seriously confused. Check your facts and do some research outside of the liberal websites. Multiple studies have concluded exactly what I’m telling you – it’s FACT and not simply globally. Most countries you aren’t even allowed to own firearms. Try not to spew out what the Liberal media feeds you.


    Then why are crime rates dropping in states that have strict gun laws?


    Well I guess it depends on how you “count” crime. I think you’d agree gun laws (or any laws for that matter) are only followed by law abiding people. If you are defining crime as assaults, robbery, theft, etc. yes crime is down overall. I don’t think Chicago “crime” rates are going down relating to guns though (ie murder). They should be the safest f*cking place in the universe but criminals still use guns there. The District of Columbia is still dangerous as hell and murders are down but compared to what?…last year? They have had essentially a gun ban… Read more »