Nazi Bastards

WORLD-OF-MEN-Dec-1964.-Cover-Bruce-Minney-8x6.jpg (327 KB)

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Men’s magazine covers by Bruce Minney.

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    These are great.


    Yes. Stop being a victim of SEXUAL WEAKNESS you World of Men you! And what is the exact geographical position of Bikini Beach? (Also, I think you’ll find that what men past a certain age want for supper isn’t sex, it’s cheese on toast)

    damm, those nazi knew how to treat women
    good times


    Now remember everyone, this is one of Grouprapes posts, so only vote 5 out of 5 or she’ll get really upset and eat 17 cakes!




    I remember magazines like these in the local drugstore. Everybody’s Dad was a war vet. There wasn’t a shred of PC to be seen. This was before it was dicovered that men were the root of all evil, oppressors in the service of the Patriarchy, racist descendants of slave owners, and inept at everything that they attempted to do without a woman around to supervise.