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The answer to everything is working out and punching the other dude out.

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    No one punches Joseph Gordon Levitt in the face and gets away with it!


    re: “The answer to everything is working out and punching the other dude out.”
    … is it then implied that that is the answer to nothing?
    A lot of women who don’t want to be used like some asshole’s squeak toy take self-defence or martial arts. That’s an answer to something. Violence is generally the answer to everything in some form. Isn’t this more about stiff legging it back home, putting on a favoured set of onesie pajamas, making a cup of cocoa with the little marshmallows, ruining the bully anonymously online and maybe even signing up for ACA?


    That’s one possibility skndrbg….
    Another option might be a vigorously prosecuted assault charge, which might also prevent future violence acting as a deterrent to others.
    A law is only a law if it is enforced.

    Pretty sure its in our best interest as a society to discourage meat-heads from going around assaulting folks for no better reason than their low BFI, no…..?


    Charles Atlas is a registered trademark owned by Charles Atlas, Ltd. and so is the ad you posted, Hey Skinny. How about giving credit where credit is due?