Lightning scars

scars.jpg (72 KB)


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    The scars ( which I hope for her sake will fade) are cool. But my God, get a better bra woman!


    I highly doubt that she was trying to look sexy.


    That looks like it was real painful.


    shocking perhaps?


    I just can’t imagine.
    All that in a single instant…




    Is there a reason you’re pissing on my leg mams….?
    Did I really hurt your fragile little ego at some point…?
    Still hurts to sit down?

    You’ve got to let go of this little obsession you’ve got friend.


    It’s not all about you.


    No…I see you’re right.
    This is the first post you’ve made in days that wasn’t a reply to me.
    My mistake.
    I completely apologize.

    I even gave you a thumbs up, just to show no hard feelings, mams.


    Nah, I don’t buy it. I’d buy that she got a pink tattoo in that pattern. I’d buy that she had a tattoo in that pattern & is in the process of having it removed. I’d buy that she has rare condition that affects her blood vessels or her skin. But I’m almost certain electricity doesn’t pass through the human body in the same way it passes through the air. So, sorry, I just don’t buy it.


    Or you could do a google image search on “lightning scars” and realize that this is the result in every instance. No purchase necessary.


    Nah, I don’t buy it. You can’t possibly be so dumb as to not know that lightning does this when it strikes plants and animals. It’s only been recorded for thousands of years.

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