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    Well it’s not connected to Godzilla but it’s very nice.


    RAVENS. I’m in!


    Just took a look. Very impressive. But he just keeps getting bigger and bigger with every successive movie. Soon he’ll be the size of planet.


    theredshoes keeps getting bigger and bigger with every successive cake. Soon she’ll be the size of a planet!


    What kind of man harasses women on the internet?
    I’m calling you out fucker, either man up or fuck off and go back to playing with your tiny wiener.

    I bet you don’t have the balls to do this to someone in real life, you sad tosser.


    feeding the troll = not helping ya dizzy bint


    This isn’t trolling, this is being a nasty cunt, fuck half of you wouldn’t know a real troll if he jumped out from under a bridge. This is just plain harassment. Also bint implies I’m a female whereas I’m not.
    The cocksucker that keeps saying I’m a sockpuppet of The Red Shoes should take note of the posting times, shes in the US I’m not. But then again hes not that smart is he.


    good work demonstrating how to be trolled, trollbait


    Seriously, Fink, just type “pjh3000” into Google and you’ll find out everything you need to know about who’s behind all the fem-hate around here lately.