Spoiler for those of you who saw ……..

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    didnt see thor 2. is that the fucking collector? is this his audition tape from 1983? are those mickey mouses gloves? wtf..terrible.


    Yeah, it’s the mid-credits scene from Thor 2, and sadly The Collector. And sadly directed by the same guy who’s doing The Guardians of the Galaxy. But we may have hope. After this horrible scene, Marvel saw and listened to how bad it was and brought in Joss Whedon to touch up the script and help with some scenes. We may still have hope… maybe.


    This is the Second! Spoilers!!!

    After watching Thor 2, right before this an accomplice who worked/is working with Thanos, secured the ability to have unhindered access to the Tesseract. 2 down 3 to go.


    God I LOVE Flux Pavilion.

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