Operation Redwing

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located in Cupertino, CA in Memorial Park. One of the fallen SEALs was from Cupertino.

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    Old Tofu

    what is an army night stalker? are we subcontracting out to the undead now?

    Old Tofu

    love how 2 people downvote me , but don’t bother to answer the question. I was in the army and “night stalker” isn’t an actual MOS

    tiki god

    First google result:


    The United States Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), also known as Night Stalkers, is a special operations force of the United States Army that provides helicopter aviation support for general purpose forces and special operations forces. Its missions have included attack, assault, and reconnaissance, and are usually conducted at night, at high speeds, low altitudes, and on short notice. The 160th SOAR is headquartered at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.


    They died for nothing, we had no reason to be there. What was the point?

    Father Dougal

    You’re forgetting that this was the most highly decorated small team action in naval history. And that means that their families get to have a whole lot of pretty medals where their sons used to be. S’all good.


    vs. your parents who get to look at your high school equivalency? They’re probably rather you died doing something than living doing nothing.


    easy, nigger faggot. you’ll die for nothing. they died fighting for their country. its called reality.

    Old Tofu

    expanding the empire like good stormtroopers


    Jesus Christ! Who wrote that plaque? If you wanna make all that fuss about those dead soldiers, could you at least spell the operation correctly. Goddammit!