Unchecked Female Privilege

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    The misogyny is strong with this site.
    Also, and I really shouldn’t have to point this out, this is first world centric.


    That okay, it’s the first world women who make the most noise about things not being fair.


    A few good points in this list – some perhaps over the top. A response to widespread misandry? An effective rebuttal would likely be lengthy. Yet it can all be dismissed with “misogyny” and “first world centric”?
    So must everything posted here pass a “global” applicability filter? That’s new!
    Sad that you “have to” point this out. How did you get that job?


    There are no valid points on that list, none. This is a list complied by a male who obviously have a real issue with women.

    The only basis a person should be judged on is their value as an individual.

    I could go through every one of those points and point out how idiotic they are but to be honest I have better things to do, besides this site has a lot of people on here that will never be anything other than the knuckle dragging cavemen that they are, regardless.

    I for one am sick of the childishness displayed by the majority of the posters on this site and this has been compounded by threads like “boys only no girls allowed” its staggering that in the 21st century this kind of crap is still going on.

    I hope that the giggling idiots enjoy MCS, because I don’t anymore, and that includes Tiki for posting this shit for whatever reason, be it traffic or possibly that he buys in to this rubbish.

    I think it would be interesting if this was shown to a wider audience to see what their reaction would be to some of the content of this site and I don’t mean other internet dwellers. I suspect that the reaction would not be favourable…..




    irrelevant meme, we do care which is why we are posting, duh.


    Point: missed.


    “point: missed”

    To use the same linguistic cadence–

    you: significantly less intelligent than you think you are.


    There are some statistical sureties (valid points)on that list. Some. (as opposed to none)
    You “could go through” etc but you have better things to do? And the pejorative “other internet dwellers?” Yet … here you are.
    One can choose rational discourse in support of concord or one can draw battle lines. The latter doesn’t really suggest superiority. How again were you appointed arbiter of what can be discussed and within what limits?


    Feminism is not a gender, it’s a toxic ideology, so attacking it isn’t misogyny, it’s just sensible.


    Feminism isn’t a gender, it’s a toxic ideology, so attacking it isn’t misogyny, it’s just sensible.


    It is idiots like you who makes me want to puke. Misogeny means HATRED OF WOMEN. In case you don’t understand, a post has to be hateful of women to be misogeny. To critic or point out womens privilege isn’t misogeny you idiot.


    If you can’t even spell it, you’ve nullified your already-worthless opinion.


    Bitter, much?


    I’ve mostly stopped responding to these posts because many of the people on this site speak about women’s rights in a way that is super ignorant and ugly, and the truth is that no one here is really open to changing their minds.

    Still, I am a straight white male, and, as the quote says on this image, privileged is often invisible to those who have it. I have tons of opportunities that other people don’t, and many times, I’m not even aware of them because they are built into our society such that we take them for granted.

    Some of the ways that I’ve become aware of my privileged is by doing counseling with people in poverty and struggling with mental illness. From this, I’ve been able to get some insight on all of the challenges I am privileged not to have.

    The obvious truth is that we live in a patriarchal white dominated society. Look at our images of politicians, movie heroes, doctors, lawyers, police, etc. Look at the distribution of power between men and women, between whites and people of color. As a straight white male, I have been told since birth that I will be successful, and that is a story that is not only part of my permanent narrative now, but other people consciously and unconsciously reinforce it to me regularly.

    Look at all of the pictures of women on this site, who are displayed naked every few posts, and then called fat or ugly by these same basement dwellers. There’s an NSFWMyconfinedspace, a fingerorfucked, a dildoconnoisseur, just within this website.

    Like Louis CK says about being white, if you’re part of the majority, and you don’t admit that it’s great, then you’re an asshole.

    “Minority” does not mean less in number, it means less in power. Women are minorities in our society. They typically make less money, are awarded lower status, have more difficulties in accessing positions of opportunity.

    Early feminism emphasized women’s rights in a male dominated society. Modern feminism still acknowledges the unequal distribution of power in our society, but in alignment with other types of anti-oppressive ideology, it aims to promote equality for all people.

    Feminism is for everybody.

    It’s true that things are not equal between men and women, between white people and people of color, between heterosexuals and people of other sexual orientations and identities. And there are areas where women are given advantages over men, such as the assumption of being the primary parent, typically less physically dangerous work, and being excused from mandatory service. It’s true that there are places where members of the majority do not have the same (usually compensatory) opportunities that members of minority groups have, but, by and large, it’s easier to be straight, it’s easier to be white, and it’s easier to be male.

    For example:

    >More scholarships

    This is a response to institutionalized male privilege.

    >More women’s shelters

    The number one cause of homelessness for women is fleeing domestic violence. Sleeping on the street sucks for both men and women, and homeless individuals of both genders are regularly the targets for violence due to their lack of police protection and physical vulnerability. People that I work with are regularly stolen from, beaten up, sometimes nearly beaten to death as gang initiation, and have even been set on fire.

    But life is harder for homeless women. Few of the men that I work with are also regularly raped. Many of the women are.

    >Less mental health referrals
    >Less likely to be depressed
    >Less likely to have mental illness
    >Less likely to abuse substances
    >Less likely to live in poverty

    No. Due to stereotypes about gender and behavior, men and women are often diagnosed with different disorders. But it’s simply not true to say that women experience less mental illness, poverty, or substance abuse.

    >Lower chance of committing suicide.

    I work explicitly with people considering suicide (as chronic homelessness, sexual abuse, and mental illness will do that to you). Men typically choose more violent methods. They attempt less but succeed more. Women make significantly more attempts. No kind of suicide attempt is better or worse than another.

    >Positive sexual encouragement

    (Straight) men receive positive sexual encouragement. Women are in a lifelong doublebind. On one hand they are objectified as sexual objects, expected to be attractive and readily available to all men at all times, and at the same time they are vilified for their sexuality, shamed as slut for expressing enjoyment of sex and expected to be always available to me, but never interested in him.

    >More, better contraceptive options
    >control over 60% of US wealth
    >reproductive rights
    >Not assumed to be a pedophile around kids
    >Less likely to transition gender identity
    >”Having it all”

    These are just absurd.


    Suicide attempts != Committing suicide. It’s easy to “attempt” just to get attention.


    You don’t know what you’re talking about.


    That’s not a rebuttal. That’s hurt feelings.


    “But life is harder for homeless women. Few of the men that I work with are also regularly raped. Many of the women are.”

    Wait… Many of the women you work with are regularly raped? Where do you work exactly that rape is a regular occurrence?


    Bitter, or just factual? Double standards once again, methinks.


    Ah, now I remember why I only visit this site once a week instead of once a day. This kind of shit.


    Why do you keep putting this shit up here Tiki….?
    No-one wants to listen to a bunch of scared loser boys complaining that the girls have got it easier than they do….


    So groupgrope is the one using exploits to censor comments they don’t like and up vote comments the do like.




    I have no idea what point this post is trying to make.


    No point is being made here… it’s a click drive, pure and simple.

    Tiki needs to get the count up, and the same people fall for it every single time.


    The “privilege” card is only meant to shut down debate because you are the “wrong” gender or skin color. Good to see the feminists getting this crap played back at them.

    And entertaining to watch liberal metrosexuals argue over it. Thanks!


    I appreciate your input in this discussion.

    You have clearly thought out your position carefully and based your beliefs on reasoned evidence.

    Your opinion may be different than mine, but even your tone is compelling, and I am forced to admit that I respect you.


    There are some interesting points being made by this post, most of which can (and have) been argued by either side to prove their point, such as the idea that woman have more Women’s shelters. That point is easily argued either way for example: women have an advantage in that there are more shelters available to them, or that woman are displaced by husbands or boyfriends more often than man so they need more shelters.
    One point however, which has been in the back of my mind since I turned 18 and had to sign my draft card is that in the struggle for equality, you have to take the pro’s and con’s of that equality. Mainly, if I have to sign up for the draft, so should a woman.


    “Less enforcement of heterosexuality” – I think I found the reason behind this post, girls!

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