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    Sadly while the BBC is a lot better than Fox it isn’t nearly as good as it’s reputation. Extremely selective reporting


    Yeah, Huffington may be real, but it is a lot of fluff and not much substance.


    In a litigious nation like the US, if Fox were fake wouldn’t they be continually in court? Fox at least employs a stable of leftys who run irritating interference with the actual provision of information. In contrats, the leftard orgs feature doctrinaire panelists who have heated agreements with one another. Fox has binge-hired a bunch more leftys so maybe they are on the their way down the toilet swirl with MSNBC and CNN? As it stands most news outlets don’t provide information that undermines or does not substantiate the agreed upon talking points. Fox for the time being anyway runs counter to this. BBC long ago became the big brother platform for dimmitude and socialist outreach. It stands out now only for its wide global coverage. IMHO.


    If I remember correctly, FOX News was taken to court, except their defense was that there’s no law in the United States that expressly forbids them from distorting and falsifying the news. Florida Court of Appeals agreed. 2003.


    >In a litigious nation like the US, if Fox were fake wouldn’t they be continually in court?

    Hmm. That’s an interesting idea….

    >Fox at least employs a stable of leftys


    >who run irritating interference

    …oh no….

    >with the actual provision of information.

    …fuck, you’re an idiot.



    The sad thing is that much of the information in these links is painfully obvious to anyone but the dupes who believe what they see on Fox…..


    Name calling followed by a flood of links that you may or may not have read or understood yourself and which I certainly have no intention of reading. Very predictable from leftardverse. Are 3 links a telling argument? Are 8 links then a crushing argument? Dabble in unaccustomed self awareness for a moment and imagine YOUR reaction to someone quoting Old Testament scripture to you by chapter reference. Well that’s where I’m at with your links …and for the same reasons. I’m not going to call you any names. I’ll just let inference run free.


    You should read the links…….


    “Fox has binge-hired a bunch more leftys”

    self-aware punching-bags are not the same as left-wing commentators.


    This was supposed to be a comment to the above post, but I am too late to edit.


    Sadly, the Onion is much more informative than Fox and CNN.


    I find it amusing how threatened the Left is by Fox News. They have over a dozen networks that spin the news their way, and they get all butt hurt over the one that doesn’t.

    Old Tofu

    dozen? …name them


    Why don’t you since that’s what you’re after?

    Old Tofu

    because by questioning you to name them I’m CLEARLY indicating that you are full of shit, because there aren’t that many.


    Personally I like FOX News. Not only do they make news up, they indirectly write jokes for other programs.


    It’s a matter of what you are anxious to believe. That is determined by your agendas. Remember that ALL media outlets are geared to sensationalism. That gets them ratings.

    Old Tofu

    which is why they shouldn’t be on the same ratings system as entertainment shows. it automatically starts to affect what they air.

    tiki god

    there’s two different ratings systems, neither of which lump news agencies in with entertainment channels.

    really it’s not the ratings per say, it’s how many people they can convince to buy the products that they show in their advertisements. If they’re shooting to have a bunch of easily convinced people watching their commercials, they need to have the types of programing that those same people will want to watch.


    Maybe that makes the BBC or CBC a better model for news programming then.
    Government funded, but operated at arms length with rules to keep government interference at a minimum.

    Not perfect, but better than trying to keep your populace informed based on how much and what kind of crap you can sell them…..

    Old Tofu

    only thing I see is they’ve been using the same nielson system

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