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That commercial is so Anti-‘Murican! There is only one ‘Murican language in that commercial! The little girl singing in Keres is the only true ‘Murican! All the rest of us who don’t speak native languages should go back to where we came from. I need to go back to Spain, France, England, Teutonic lands, the Roman Empire, Mesopotamia, and Africa! The Choctaw and Meso-‘Murican parts of me can stay, though.


It’s only ‘anti-american” if you are a small-minded bigot who can’t see past his own nose.
The commercial is quite good and a wonderful reminder that in America we value all people, no matter their skin color, sexuality or what language they speak.

tiki god

ehhhhh no. they’re not even singing the national anthem here, it’s a song about coke about half way through.


libtards are libtards

Not a single European language in there and America was built by Europeans.
Unless you show up to a forest and spend a few hundred years at war you do not have the same rights to America as people who built it. But you’re allowed in. The thank you? Does not exist. Instead its irrational resentment and silly little stunts like this crap.
Coke scraped the bottom of the liberal barrel with this. Its such a joke. The racists are the blind sheep defending people who just insulted them.

tiki god

I’m pretty sure that spanish is somewhat european. just guessing.