Andy Warhol … -_-

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    By Odin’s empty eye socket… this looks terrible. My sympathies to Quicksilver fans. May Whedon be more merciful on poor Pietro.


    …wait. is quicksilver and blink asian now? electro is black and i hear the human torch is going to be black as well. hey, “yay” with equality and all, but uh, really?

    tiki god

    was blink ever NOT asian?


    yes. yes, i do believe she was not asian. are you saying that you read in the actual comic title exiles, that she was? that mimic or morph or even the writer actually called her asian, cause if you are, im telling you youre full of shit.

    tiki god

    no clue if they did or not, but I just assumed that she was, if only because her eyes always looked more asian than not.

    Apparently she’s from the bahamas:


    Well, she’s called Clarice Ferguson, and Ferguson is a Scottish-Irish name, and her family was originally from the Bahamas (at least in the Age of Apocalypse timeline), so with that name and locale, odds are her father was at least part Caucasian of Scottish or Irish descent whose ancestors came to the islands in the 17th/18th century, and he and/or her mother are very likely to have African or even Asian ancestry as both ethnic groups exist in the Bahamas. So, short answer is: Who cares? But hey, it was fun researching this issue, so cheers for asking the question,… Read more »


    Oh wow this new Spy Kids promo looks great!