Bofur vs. Subotai

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Three things that bug me about Peter Jackson’s dwarves:
1- Some dwarves look like handsome humans… do I really need the leading male dwarf to look like Brad Pitt?
2- One dwarf looks like fat bastard. You saw it too.
3- Another dwarf (Bofur) looks like Subotai from Conan the Barbarian.
It all comes together as a very commercial movie that adapted a classic to meet todays consumers. It was a lost opportunity to introduce todays consumers to a classic.


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    Apparently you think that it’s a bad thing that they endeavoured to differentiate the dwarves from each other. There are problems with the movies, but the fact that some of the dwarves look vaguely like some other people isn’t one of them.

    some random idiot

    vaguely like some other people? The degree by which they vary is so large if we weren’t told by the movie narrative they’re members of the same ‘race’ (in high fantasy terms, which are kinda very definite about this sort of thing) noone would have known or even assumed they are all dwarves. Mini handsome-human next to a huge-nosed lardbarrel and stereotypical stumpy dwarfy dwarf. Absolutely no resemblance, different head/skull sizes, everything really.


    And what really bugs me about it is that there are ample chapters defining the normal characteristics of Dwarf facial structure and hair growth in Grey’s Anatomy and other medical literature.

    At least they did their research on the voices of Dragons. There was certainly some science there, it sounded spot on.


    Bofur and Subotai…?
    They have completely different style hats, made of different fur.
    Different facial hair, not to mention very different looking faces.
    The murky brownish color of the outfit is….similar.

    Yeah…hard to tell them apart…..


    ^^^ derp!


    Bombur was always a fatass, you hipster.

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