The Black Hole

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    tiki god

    Jesus fucking fuck balls, this movie was the shit.

    still is, I still have a copy of it, going to break it out soon.


    Still holds up really well. Even with the annoying robots 🙂


    Hated it…..


    Dang, you are really lame. Feel bad for you man.


    In its favour, it does have one of the most bat-shit crazy endings to any Disney film ever made. If my interpretation is correct, Maximilion Schell goes through the titular Black Hole and ends up in another dimension. One that looks suspiciously like HELL. Not only that but he’s trapped inside a robot for the rest of eternity. WTF?


    It was definitely a head scratcher. I’m sure the writer, director, or producer has since told us the “real” meaning of the ending in some interview, but I prefer to leave it to my own imagination.

    The movie certainly did have really good looking practical effects, given the era and their budget.


    There’s a slightly different ending in these comics originally published in the 80s where they end up in an alternate reality.