The American Dream

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    Fuck off you American hating anon troll.


    The kid is syrian. You can tell by the colors he painted his clip with; its the flag of the syrian revolution.

    Father Dougal

    Obvious trolling from the OP aside, it’s still the American dream though, innit. Syria or wherever…. THAT is the American dream.


    As long as it’s not America or an American protectorate


    Yup. That’s the American Dream right there. Life, liberty and the pursuit of child soldiers. </sarcasm>


    Cutting edge. Stupid, but cutting edge nonetheless . . .


    Big difference between teaching children to handle firearms in a responsible manner and how to defend themselves and exploiting children to fight in some shitty war in some shitty country for a shitty cause as part of some shitty group.


    “some shitty country” !!!!!!!! What a comment. if its shitty for you, do you think its shitty for the 300,000 people who sacrificed their lives till now trying to liberate it from a shitty dictator!!!
    Maybe their revolution didn’t go as intended, but it remains one of the nobelest in the course of History.


    Children posing with guns =/= child soldiers.

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