But but NAFALT! Derp!

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It’s too bad Feminism has become a hate group.

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    So YOUR the guy.

    S’matter? Bad breakup? Loose and arguement? Note geting any? Angry Muslim? Bitter Jew-boy? Shitlord faggot? Autism? Nigger?

    bitche need to shut up


    Let me tell you two useful pieces of information:

    One, anyone who defines themselves with a word that ends in “–ist” is insane. This isn’t because whatever “–ist” they are causes insanity or is inherently crazy or even wrong, but because when their sense of self is dependent upon a single definition, they become absolutely close-minded to any other possibilities, and their emotional attachment to a single concept makes them inherently unable to think rationally.

    Two, No True Scotsman Fallacy. Look it up. Anyone who defends or attacks any “–ism” will invariably commit the fallacy.


    I am a violinist. As well as a banjo and penny whistle player.
    And a pragmatist. Who is mostly optimistic, but occasionally a pessimist.
    And I’m sure many others “ists”.
    As are you and anyone else.
    “ist” is merely a shorthand to describe your position or abilities on a particular subject.
    When it comes to women’s rights, I often agree with feminists, hold feminist positions.
    And sometimes not.
    It limits or excludes nothing.
    And using “ist” as a label to attack someone who you assume is more close minded on the subject than you are….is just being an obfuscatist.


    hey dumbfuck socrates
    nts fallacy actually proves you wrong
    go back and look up what ad hoc means in the first place


    Not this thread again.

    Old, old, old, old.