Top 10 books

top-10-most-read-books-in-the-world_502917bd068fd_w1500.png (293 KB)

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    Of these only a few of the Harry Potter books and LoTR are any good.


    Popular doesn’t mean good.


    All the literature our race has created, and these 10 books make it.

    I’m actually a little less surprised about the Bible, but some of these are shameful.


    The Bible has the most sales, not the most read….
    Just because groups buy thousands of them to put in Motels and hand them out doesn’t make them read.


    The Koran is actually read more than the bible. Just because the fucking Gideons put one in every hotel room in the world, doesn’t mean anybody reads them.


    The Koran is not read more than the bible as most “believers” are illiterate. The Koran is memorized more often than any other book but that does not imply literacy, understanding or even belief.


    Actually the koran isn’t. There is a problem with illiteracy in the Muslim world and lots of people can’t read. It is however, read to them. At least, the parts that their imam wants them to hear.


    Yeah, but which bible? There are dozens of versions all with a slightly different slant. Not really the same book.


    I’m surprised the little red book is on there. I guess there were a lot going around in the seventies, but if you want to buy one in modern China, you actually have to look around.