Real Definition of Feminism

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Because some of you have the wrong idea.

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    no, that pink bitch sakura needs to shut up and make me my sandwich

    guest (No true Scotsman fallacy)


    I’m glad you posted this.


    That may be what Feminism is SUPPOSED to be, but it’s not what Feminism is anymore. Now Feminism is just a hate group.


    It’s just that the 99% who are man hating bitches give the rest a bad name.


    I think the problem here is that there are so many different factions of feminism dating back decades that it muddies the waters leading to any meaningful debate. I’m Sure Saborlas was just saying, ‘Hey, let’s attempt to understand our differences and inhabit this planet with as much respect for each other as possible while trying to have a good time.’ How can that be a bad thing?


    Sexisn is hurtful to broads.


    The problem is that a vocal minority of misandrists are being labelled as feminists to discredit the notion of actual feminism, which strives for equality of the sexes by making governments recognise that women HAVE been oppressed for god knows how long.
    To clarify:
    Misandrists= Hate men and want women to rule.
    Feminists= Don’t hate men and want women and men to co-exist with equal rights.


    They’re not a minority of Feminists. They’re the majority. Feminism is a hate movement.




    you’re a gay faggot



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