He-man vs Barbie

He-man vs Barbie.jpg

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    And ? There are guys who look\want to look like He-Man.


    Idealizations of both men and women represent “an unrealistic, unhealthy and unfair standard of beauty”. The difference is that men have the intelligence to look at those idealizations and say, “Oh, man, I wish I looked like that. But, bah, too much work, I’ll just go back to playing Skyrim.” While women invariably go “OMG!!! I’M NEVER GOING TO LOOK LIKE THAT!!!! I’M COMPLETELY WORTHLESS AS A HUMAN BEING!!!! NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE ME!!!!!” And then turn around and blame men for a doll designed by women, for women, and bought by mothers for their daughters (much to the… Read more »


    This is getting so boring.


    ^^^ Butthurt Feminist



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