Mysteray Folder Projects

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    Use the search function. Project found in seconds flat.


    and then put ipecac in his milk.


    1) Hide her project on a thumb drive. 2)Delete project from computer. 3)Save a corrupted file as her project. 4)Giggle gleefully as she slowly goes insane. 5) Offer to return her project to her for the low, low price of $40.00.


    How to corrupt a file ?
    1. Open it in a good Notepad replacement (Notepad 2 for example).
    2. Change the stuff in the first three lines using copypaste from other lines, or just write gibberish (you can mess with rest too, but those three should suffice).
    3. Save it.


    I find your ideas intriguing, and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.



    lolwut ?

    Mike K

    According to the address bar, it’s already on a thumb drive.

    Mike K.

    Even if she didn’t use the Search function, that’s a total of 64 folders to look through. That’s about 3 minutes, tops.


    Oh, if I did that, it would be more than three levels deep, I would change the name AND the extension, create corrupted/joke projects that would then be copied into the various folder levels. And then, maybe even take ownership and encrypt it with my account.

    “Why is the filename green, and why does it say that the file isn’t accessible?”