some people haven’t any safety concerns

safety.jpeg (46 KB)

neither self esteem

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    He’s perfectly safe, because guns don’t kill people!


    Is that Dick Cheney ?


    A perfect metaphor for the Teabaggers.


    What does this have to do with a group reluctant to pass down debt to future generations? (IOW steal from future generations) A group named after a tax revolt. The Tea Party.
    While a fairly diverse and multiracial group, it is improbable that any significant number of them have an affinity for sucking on testicles. Such cannot necessarily by said of the dems and their leader however. That might explain the dem fascination for the term ‘teabagger’.
    While likely an act far from TeaParty mind – same apparently can’t be said for the left.


    Though it’s pretty irresponsible using his shotgun as buttplug, as long as no one pull the trigger he’s perfectly safe.