Payday 2 Game Code


I have a payday 2 game code that I’d like to give away, interested?

Tell us a story, something interesting, and yes, something Christmas / Holiday related.

Highest rated comment on this post will receive it at the registered email address.




Edited to say: Freshly minted admiraljonesy (UID# 191006) wins.  Now go rob banks!

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    I could use the code for a friend of mine. He doesn’t really have a family this Christmas due to his step mom being a controlling bitch. He had to ditch them in the middle of the night to stop them from siphoning more money from him under the guise of “Family” (he paid %70 of the rent on the house for his “portion” as their son). This would be a nice gift for the “day of” other than the gifts we dropped on him before and are planning to after (clothes and candy, nothing substantial). He was supposed to… Read more »


    Sorry, Tiki

    I assumed that the E-mail I gave when I made the comment was what was meant.


    There we go. All accounted up.


    It was the first day of Christmas cause you know there only 1
    the zombies were stirring pulling in breath thru ragged lungs
    the uninfected humans were huddled around an old trash can fire
    and the winter wind blew like a pornstar for hire
    the people told stories about family and friends
    remembering the good times they will never have again
    not a person was happy, hopeful, or cheery
    after all Christmas is a curse
    and we are all the walking dreary



    My favorite Christmas story involves me, because I was there. I was 8 years old, and the night before, my father was explaining how, when you burn wood, the chemical reaction releases heat, light, and also does other things. He demonstrated by holding a napkin well above a candle and showed us how it was slightly damp from how the fire channeled the air and condensed the moisture around it. I thought this was the greatest thing that I’d ever seen, so that night at Christmas dinner, with our whole family gathered, I tried it out myself. I ended up… Read more »


    Now this is a story all about how
    my life got flipped
    turned upside down….

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