USS Chariot

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    tiki god

    Nope. This is not federation, looks more like something from Babylon 5.


    no, pretty sure it’s from firefly


    Looks more like something from ME (Destiny Ascension, and its smaller “cousins”).


    Creepy edition of awesome face in pic 4.


    USS fucking shite lol


    I have never figured out the logic of why Starfleet ships have some stuff in the disk and some stuff in the lower fusselage. They have established the warp need of the nacelles, but is there a rhyme or reason for anything else?


    Having the nacelles means that the release of “plasma” doesn’t hurt the rest of the ship. I can understand that. I can understand that the shape of the warp field can affect how fast a ship can go and what not. Having separate hulls for living and work quarters and then engineering (storing vast amounts of deuterium and antimatter, at that) makes some sense, although if there were a true accident, it may not make much of a difference. But then, it really seems that there is plenty of wasted space that could actually having something there. A skinny neck… Read more »

    Joe Alpha

    This is ridiculous… even for science fiction.