Bed Bunker – Sleep Safe


Would you feel safer in bed at night, if you knew that just inches away you had enough firepower to weaponize a small army? If so, then the BedBunker weapons storage system could be for you.

So yes, all your guns would be safe, but they’re not exactly easy to get to.


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    So, when someone breaks into your house at 3am, all you have to do is wake up, remove the mattress, unlock the safe and you’re suddenly packing heat? That’s almost as useless as calling the police. It would be a great hiding spot, though. It’s just not very effective if you want to get to your guns, you know, quickly.


    my sleep number is 44 cal


    Most firearm owners have a smaller bedside safe for their home defense firearm. Safes like those are for holding guns that aren’t for home defense. It could be anything from old collectible firearms, hunting rifles, or numerous other kinds of firearms. People who have large collection are like anyone else who collects valuable things. You want a safe place to keep them, where they can’t be stolen easy.


    What I’d be more concerned about in that setup is the weight of the safes, firearms, and the sleeping persons. The safes don’t look like very heavy duty, but I’d guess from what I can see each of those safes weigh about 350 pounds or more a piece. Then add a firearm collection that can fill BOTH safes. Add in the mattress, and the sleepers, and I’d be really concerned about all the weight focused on that one spot. A wooden floor given enough time you will start seeing warping in the floor, if not failure. I’d only feel safe… Read more »

    tiki god

    well…..yeah. duh.


    Good place for a shoulder SAM or AT weapon. You don’t want to keep knocking those things over when you’re doing housework.


    It doesn’t look comfy, nor warm.