miley then and now

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    Smart girl.
    Create an iconic look.
    Distance yourself from your former squeaky clean, control freak employer.
    Write a few decent songs.
    Shock the heck out of the old ladies with some pretty minor antics, some faux nudity and some not quite rude gestures.
    Get yourself on the front of every entertainment rag and webpage, news site and image blog.
    Sell a gazillion records…….


    Yeah, she’s a goddamn genius. Her success is 90% Sony’s marketing and 10% her attention-whoring.


    What do you think her job is….
    Making records…and marketing them.
    She’s doing a helluva job.

    Now maybe you’re not her market….I’m certainly not.
    But attention whoring….?
    What…..sticking out her tongue, shaking her butt, wearing shiny tan colored exercise outfits a size too small with a bastardized mouse logo on them….?
    I might just faint…..


    You lost me at “Create an iconic look”.