why I still use the oxford comma

why I still use the oxford comma.jpg

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    Oxford comma forever!


    I’m all for the Oxford Comma, but this is a terrible example. Don’t make me choose.


    So, because you’re too retarded to understand grammar without it? Good one.

    (Protip: For the second example to match the picture, it would be “I bought Diet Coke and peanut butter and chocolate”)


    Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma? I’ve seen those English dramas too They’re cruel So if there’s any other way To spell the word It’s fine with me, with me Why would you speak to me that way Especially when I always said that I Haven’t got the words for you All your diction dripping with disdain Through the pain I always tell the truth Who gives a fuck about an Oxford climber? I climbed to Dharamsala too I did I met the highest lama His accent sounded fine To me, to me Check your handbook It’s no… Read more »

    tiki god

    The fuck?