Military Spending

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    PFC Smith’s life is worth the $80k. As are those of his squad mates.

    Besides, you would just spend the $80 on some ferals to keep them dependent and on the Federal Plantation.


    so the soldiers life is worth it but not anybody elses


    Yes, his life is worth 80k, maybe more. These wars are goddamn profitable!


    you just agreed its worth $80k to save life

    we simple disagree on which one


    who the fuck are you talking to


    That “guy” (and his three friends,) who won’t make $80,000 in his lifetime. How much did the Tank that he’s riding around in Co$t, ’cause THAT’S what the Missile is being fired at.


    for my part i do not believe that blind loyalty
    to the political entity you are a part of
    [to the point of being willing and able to commit murder in its interests]
    should be a factor in adding or subtracting value from your life or the lives of anybody else
    although it certainly subtracts value from those you are shooting at


    Both those guys are irrelevant to the guys at Lockheed Martin, who make a hell of a lot more than $80k/year.

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