should I tell a rape joke

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    Is the victim of the rape in the joke an adult white man? -> tell the joke with full confidence that not a single person will have a problem with it, and if there’s anyone who does, a small army of feminazis will appear out of nowhere and beat him into a bloody pulp.


    Feminazis? Really? Did the internet fall through a wormhole and land in 1994?


    they have a base on the moon


    always tell the rape joke, always


    Will the audience find it funny? Yes -> Tell the joke.


    I just had sex with a Feminist. She said she’d tell me tomorrow if it was rape or not.


    How do you tell when a Feminist is lying?

    Her lips move.


    What’s worse than getting raped?

    Getting flirty eyes from a fat chick.


    I pulled a lovely girl at a bar last night and we ended up back at my place. She said, “I don’t have sex on the first date you know!”

    I said, “Do you know the difference between rape and conversation?”

    She said, “No.”

    I said, “Let’s go upstairs for a chat.”


    Old Chinese proverb:

    Rape impossible!
    Woman with skirt up run faster than man with trousers down!


    Each down vote from a Feminist makes me grin even harder.


    And every up-vote from a douche makes me realize that I have a wonderful wife whom I respect and have sex with on a regular basis and you likely have sex in between the categories of “rarely” and “never.” Way to go dude. Please continue to treat women like s***, it will make the next generation of people like me all the happier.


    yes because everyone who tells any sort of rape joke must be scum of the earth, right? like george carlin, he told a great rape joke.


    And it was the lowest point of his life. He may have been brilliant, that joke was not.

    I don’t know about George Carlin, but I’m getting a good idea of what type of the earth you are.


    that’s because apparently you’re a narrow minded fool that thinks he knows about people just from an internet post. you might want to reconsider your upvote theory since upvoting would actually be agreeing that most rape jokes shouldn’t be said. the only low point of carlin’s life was when your mother swallowed his jizz.


    if youre gonna tell a rape joke
    it had goddamn well better be a funny one

    im waiting


    what a bunch of faggots on here. rape jokes are funny ALWAYS. and fuck that guy’s dumb wife for marrying a limp dick faggot. pussy ass bitches.

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