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    Undoubtedly caused by “fracking”…


    Nope, coal mine fire. Abandoned the town several years ago.


    Weird story.
    The fire stared in the mine in the 60’s, but it was 20 years later that a gas station owner put a dipstick down into one of his tanks and noticed the gas was hot. Turned out to be 170 degrees.
    That and the boiling sinkholes that started opening up made them evacuate/abandon the town.


    Good job attributing all disasters to the issue of the day. You sure it wasn’t global warming? Maybe it happened because there were too many guns…


    Well, that was my point. Westmoreland County Pa had a boil water advisory because they had a problem with their filtration system. Message boards were lit up with people blaming it on “fracking.” Yeah, they fracked through the filtration barrier.

    I thought about this last night, just dump the unwanted frack water down the hole in the ground where the fire is… get rid of the water, maybe put out the fire.

    When Katrina hit there was controversy in WV over mountain top removal method of coal mining. Kill 2 birds with one stone, load the mountain tops on rail cars, take to New Orleans and build the city up and in the process create some much needed flat ground in WV!

    By the way, I’m joking.


    That was the point. This past weekend in Westmoreland County PA there was a boil water advisory due to a problem with the filtration system. Some of the comments the local message boards were questions if it was due to fracking. Yes, they fracked through the filtration system.

    I was thinking, what if we poured the unwanted frack water down the hole where the fire is in Centralia. Get rid of the water and maybe put out the fire. Kill 2 birds with one stone!

    Yes, I’m joking.


    it helps if youre funny

    War Horse

    Thanks Obama….

    And yes, I’m just joking. No one get your panties in a wad.


    This city was part of the inspiration for Silent Hill.

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