How to build a computer

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    “Computers operate on electricity.” You don’t say. “Case and power supply, generally speaking, won’t really affect the performance…” The latter is somewhat true, but the former is not. PSU is probably one of the most important things, that affect all the other things in your computer. Which he later acknowledges. Bottom line, dude got too much fundamental\basic, and talked about stuff that you don’t really need to know to “build” a PC. To physically “build” computer, you don’t need to know about binary, and shit. Knowledge about static electricity, on the other hand, would be helpful (fortunately he’s getting to… Read more »


    How to build a PC. Plug some shit in here, plug some shit in there. There’s nothing to it really. People just get overly complicated about it because you’re plugging shit in on the inside rather than the outside. It’s not like you’re building an Apple 1 with a soldering iron.


    and if something doesn’t fit…get an adapter. With enough you can plug anything into anything! SATA->USB->PS/2->DB15->LPT->AGP->PCI! Sure it’s poking out the side of the case and wobbling dangerously…but you got that new harddrive in there!