White Knight


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    Its an old timey Democrat.

    Father Dougal

    Now known as a “tea partier”, in contemporary parlance. You’re welcome.


    Because believing the government should stop craping on the Constitution and expanding the power of the State at the expense of citizen? I guess the African Americans who are members of the tea party are just a bunch of ignorant racists too. Don’t you tolerant people on the left have a habit of referring to people like that as Uncle Toms, Oreos and worse? Nice try.


    the klan have traditionally supported democrats politicians. How the hell do you get Tea Party out of that? robert byrd was both democrat and kkk.


    The Dixiecrats, southern democrats, were democrats but also ultraconservative. They switched in the 1950s and 60s when the dems supported the civil rights movement. Google Nixon’s “southern strategy”- the Republicans opposed desegregation and rights for minorities to win white racist votes in the south. You would be hard pressed these days to find a KKK member who identifies as a Democrat, and they were NEVER liberal.


    Try the Southern Manifesto. 100 Democrats sign it in opposition to Civil Rights legislation. One later becomes a Republican and somehow this is proof that all the racist Democrats became Republicans. For 150 years Democrats discriminated against blacks because they thought they were inferior. For the last fifty years Democrats have discriminated in favor of blacks because they think they are inferior. At least they are consistent. And, by the way, contemporary Democrats are not liberal; they have given up liberal thought and embraced just about every far left idea that bubbles up.


    The southern manifesto was 1955, Nixon’s southern strategy was 1964-68. The civil rights act was 1964, introduced in the house by a democrat, voted into law by Democrats, signed by a Democrat – Lyndon Johnson.

    Funny how those Democrats who think blacks are inferior chose one for their presidential candidate in 2008, and reelected him in 2012. Yeah, they must not think much of him to elect him twice.