Women & Guns

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    So is an arrest warrant for murder –


    And the people who carry arrest warrants also carry guns for a very good reason. And there’s also a good reason why cops yell “stop or I’ll shoot” when a perp tries to run away instead of “stop or you’ll be breaking the rules of polite society and you’ll feel very, very sorry about it. Maybe not now or not even today, but it’ll come a day when the remorse from your continuous wrongdoings will make you at least a little bit upset. So better stop now when there’s still time to make amends and apologize.”


    They don’t actually yell “or I’ll shoot”, because either they have grounds to fire already and will be firing, or don’t have grounds to fire and cant fire. There’s reasons why you see foot chases on Cops instead of a guy running, the cop scratching his head, and then blowing the runner away.


    The people who carry and enforce arrest warrants carry guns because they are police officers or agents of the court. They have special authority.

    People who carry restraining orders don’t have the same authority, or usually the same training. A restraining order doesn’t grant you any more rights to shoot a person than you would have without one. Not to say that you can’t use a gun within the limits of the law to defend yourself, but you should know what those limits are before putting a handgun in your pocket or purse.

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