The Pony Thief – how we deal with thiefs in denmark

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    It’s true.
    Been here 11 years, in Europe for 22, married a Dane. There’s just something about this that has to be experienced to be believed.
    I’m an American, a decorated marksman US Marine… can’t have guns in our province and then we don’t even have any locks on the doors – twice we’ve had a drunk walk in and sleep it off on the sofa, uninvited… even served them breakfast. One later became my brother-in-law.

    Often I wish most of the trigger-happy life/death bestow-ers could come over here for a couple of weeks and then go home and explain all this… I’ve tried – it can’t be done.

    Given the chance – most anyone would jump at the chance to live like this. Highest GPA, best free uni-education, great healthcare and rated for 7 year as the top or in the top 3 as the happiest citizenry in the world.

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