If Breaking Bad was set in Canada it would have ended a long time ago

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    It’s funny because our health system will be as crappy as Canada’s soon.


    hahaha…..my country sucks, damn it.


    Because the WHO has no political leanings whatsoever!

    Keep eating the bullshit that the media feeds you.
    Don’t question or examine the “facts” that are promoted by political entities.
    In fact, don’t bother thinking for yourself, just participate in the numerous circle jerks on mcs and keep telling yourself that you are right.


    My sister was living in Norway when her husband was working on the North Sea oil fields. She had a baby while they were there with complications and a two week stay in the hospital. When they went to leave the husband asked about the bill and they said “Bill? There is no bill, enjoy your new son”

    Yeah, that crappy socialist healthcare. Luckily my wife is English, when we retire we’re moving into her folk’s home in Sussex and going on the National Health.


    You do know how the Norwegian Health Care System is paid for don’t you? Those very same North Sea Oil Fields your Brother-in-Law works at are paying ALL the Bills. Had the Affordable Healthcare Act (what a despicable lie, my Premiums more than doubled, my Daughter’s more than tripled, both with higher deductibles)opened up Off-Shore Drilling off BOTH Coasts and used THOSE Revenues to fund it, then maybe. As it now stands, not only no, HELL NO! You might want to check you Wife’s Status re the British National Health Care System, seems British Senior Citizens living Overseas who haven’t… Read more »


    Don’t worry, we figured out how to pay for it.

    “The Conservative government is launching a billion-dollar industry this week, as it encourages entrepreneurs to get out and grow some weed.”



    My Grandpa will live in severe pain until he dies because he is “too old” to waste resources for his hernia surgery and my Grandma waited 9 weeks for surgery on her broken wrist. My high school math teacher had cancer and was flown around the country to the best Drs and never paid a dime. Socialism is evil and Fuck You WHO rankings.


    I find that hard to believe since hernia surgery is fairly cheap. More likely the doctors think that he’s not likely to survive the anesthesia.

    And if your Grandma has osteoporosis, surgery on her wrist most likely involves a custom implant which would take several weeks just about anywhere. Old bones don’t break, they shatter. Same thing happened to my mom with her hip.

    Sounds like your issues are more with mother nature and old age than the National Health system.


    “I find that hard to believe since hernia surgery is fairly cheap.” Yeah, thousands of dollars is sooooo cheap! And complications, hospital stays, medications, etc etc are totally free! “More likely the doctors think that he’s not likely to survive the anesthesia.” Prove it. The scientific evidence disagrees with you. Also, you don’t even know how old the poster’s grandfather is. “Old bones don’t break, they shatter.” Nope, not always. There are multiple ways bones can break, even in elderly patients. “Same thing happened to my mom with her hip.” Well, your mom does not typify everyone else. Jesus, you… Read more »


    “Well, your mom does not typify everyone else. Jesus, you sound like a 5 year old.”

    But your grandparents and math teacher do?


    “Damn you people helping those less FORTUNATE! than you, How dare you expect to get treatment at all let alone fairly if you didn’t do the all important humanitarian work of getting money” – the idiot above.

    Dicks like you still seem to think that being born in the right place with the right support makes you somehow better and more worth while.


    More like: “You have cancer. If it had taken you six months to get an appointment and another six months for tests and another six months for a follow-up consultation we could have saved you. As it is, the cancer is too far along and the only technology/drugs/treatments that can save you are not available in Canada because it is too expensive. At least your treatment was free.


    ah yes, the Answer is the American system where absolutely everybody has enough money to privately pay for the very best of health care.

    It’s odd, we have a slightly wider class divide in the UK than the states but the USA of all countries seems to totally hate poor people. Even relatively poor people hate other poor people for being poor. Is it that you all think your system is perfect and if everyone just tried they would all be rich? Is that it?


    Yes, there are soooo many poor people in the UK! Sure is such as class divide with all your good for nothing chav children spending their parents money.

    Also, effort and equality of opportunity are not the same thing. Your stupid question proves your ignorance. Do you even economics, bro?

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