Breaking Bad: Anywhere but America edition

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    “What kind of barbaric society would allow medical care to hinge on a person’s wealth?”

    YES! That’s so barbaric. That’d be like allowing people’s ability to digest food to hinge on their ability to chew it. Clearly, an advanced, progressive, liberal society would spend 50% of their national budget to have a small army of people going house to house, chewing the food for the poor people who cannot afford the effort of moving their jaws, so they can eat without having to make any actual effort whatsoever.


    Such a false equivalence it’s silly. Equating effort to wealth. Our poor work harder than most 3rd world countries. How many millions did Romney make last year, when all he did was put money in the market to gain interest? That he then borrowed against in order to pay super low taxes on with net negative interest. So what negative hell wealth does he deserve for that?


    Ah Romney … how has obama managed to increase his wealth so dramatically since occupying the white house? Unicorn ranches? Can Romney be compared and contrasted with kerry? soros? Or is it just luck that he was chosen for the example? Odd that the richest folks in both houses are generally democrats.


    Romney is just a prime candidate for what rich people do in our current society, and a well known example. You are the one making this about parties which is irrelevant. I am giving an example where in your dream world of his “effort” earns that money somehow.


    Got to admit – can’t decipher your last sentence. In my dream world though aka reality, people with loot who risk that loot in high return investment are generally fairly busy tracking that loot. Picking Romney makes it about parties. Now boat-bum gigolo kerry might be a good example of someone who doesn’t do much regarding his current worth. The Mrs and her staff are all over that. And figuratively arching your eyebrows doesn’t make you guileless. Couldn’t you find an example of someone apolitical? Nope – had to be a Republican.


    Ah, the old “poor people are poor because they’re lazy” canard. As if nobody ever worked 3 jobs while struggling to keep his/her family fed and under a roof.


    …only to go bankrupt when someone in the family falls ill.



    But … but … how will the Insurance companies survive???


    No, no it wouldn’t be like that at all.


    “When all he did was put money in the market to gain interest?”

    I think you mean invest money in businesses who then used the money to fund same said businesses, creating jobs and affordable goods/services in the process.

    What a bastard. He should have paid the majority to the government instead. Because, you know, when it comes to spending money responsibly while avoiding waste, the first group that comes to mind is the government. Washington DC is the model of efficiency, right?


    because the generation of capitol is clearly the greatest good. Who cares what you actually do as long as it makes cash


    Putting money somewhere to gain interest, and then abusing loopholes to gain more money, isn’t effort or work. which is my argument. In the given example, he does nothing but has capital, and for some reason he “deserves” huge amounts more.


    “Incurable cancer” anywhere but America. “Curable cancer in America. The US has survival rates of over 90% for many cancers and other dread diseases which Europe, Canada and other “advanced” countries with socialized medicine has survival rates under 80%. That lousy American healthcare system saving an extra 15% or so of cancer victims, year after year, decade after decade. maybe that is why former French Presidents, Canadian Prime Ministers and other foreign elites come to the US for treatment of their illenss but you never hear of American elites traveling out of the country for treatment.


    Let’s take two imaginary countries. One of them has free healthcare, many people are screened for various types of cancer, everyone who gets cancer is treated, and every cancer case shows up in the statistic. The other country only has healthcare for rich people, who statistically are way less likely to smoke or work in a job that increases risk of cancer (outdoors, casual contact with various chemicals, constant breathing of fumes etc). Many poor people never get screened, never get treated, and the case never gets documented.
    Assuming IDENTICAL quality of medical care in these two countries, which will have better looking cancer statistics?

    Your second point is totally irrelevant. Other countries send people the U.S. for the treatments that most U.S. citizens can’t get, for the one-in-a-million cases that require very complex surgeries. Calling that a good healthcare system is like claiming that a country has great science education because of one Nobel prize winner.


    Holy shit, you post an opinion on almost everything here. You are almost as bad as that “Corinthian” faggot.

    Your post suffers from faulty analogies. The U.S. does not have healthcare only for rich people and in countries with “free” healthcare, not every cancer case is diagnosed and treated.

    Also, the presence of a medical elite in America does add prestige to the American health care system. Just because not every citizen can be treated by the medical elite does not mean that they don’t benefit from the research found by them.

    Think before you post more ignorant words.


    Holy shit, these anonymous posters post on almost everything on here. (I, on the other hand, post on fewer than 1/10th of what’s on here).

    I thought plenty about those things. The research found by the medical elite does indeed help everyone that manages to get health care, including those in other countries. I’m not saying having some top-shelf research and surgical facilities and staff isn’t valuable, it just doesn’t mean squat if you can’t afford to be treated.

    Yes, in countries “free” healthcare (the ones I have had experience with), almost 100% of cancer cases will receive some sort of treatment, even if the diagnosis is too late and it’s only palliative care.

    If you think that posting an opinion makes one a “fag” (apparently a bad thing from the context), then you should shut the hell up.


    It’s Na’vi buttforsoon, the cowardly anonymous version.


    ^^ This.

    Too bad the mindless, limpdick obama followers and worshipers of socialized medicine don’t subscribe to the facts. They don’t jive with their political agenda.


    I’m more worried about that the Republican party has shut down government over an issue that’s been voted on (more than once).

    What’s next? Saying that the debt ceiling should be raised? Saying that “USA:S debts don’t need to be paid”? Yeah, let’s hope USA (the republican party in this case) doesn’t fuck the world’s economy AGAIN.


    The level of ignorance displayed here on economics, health care , wealth management and social theory is only surpassed by the number of people sitting in their parents basement in their underwear posting pictures of cats.

    Nice to see confirmation of why our society is in decline. It all comes down to ignorance.

    Own it, kids.


    People have been claiming that society is in decline for centuries (or at least as long as there have been newspapers), meanwhile living standards and life expectancy continue to rise while crime rates slowly decline.

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