Those Crazy Christians

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some people are just wacky

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    Let’s see, you’re saying that if you deny the validity of opposing ideas but defend your own idea of what is correct and what isn’t, you’re insane. Is that your reasoning here? Because that would mean everyone, from NFL coaches to rocket scientist, is insane.


    welcome to the world , please keep hands and feet inside the car at all times


    Odd that you single out the Christians on that. Seems to me that is true of pretty much every religion. So…basically you are saything that if I don’t agree with whatever you DEMAND I agree with then I am insane. Yah…right. Go pound sand.


    How about we Substitute “Islamic
    Fundamentalists” for “Christians”? Haven’t heard recently (as in last couple of Centuries) of “Christians” Hacking to Death with a Machete, Beheading, Stabbing in the Street, Burning to Death in their own Church etc “Infidels”. “Islamic Fundamentalists” on the other hand…

    Or are you afraid some “Islamic Fundamentalist” would track you down and Kill YOU, while with the “Christians” you are safe?


    how about being less sensitive and realize the person who made it is probably in a majority christian country and so that is the religion he feels being shoved down his throat.just because you’re not going to kill me doesn’t make hearing about your imaginary friend any more inviting than someone else’s.


    In July 2011, Anders Behring Breivik was arrested and charged with terrorism. As a result of his attacks, 151 people were injured, and 77 killed. Hours prior to the events, Breivik released a 1,500 page manifesto detailing that immigrants were undermining Norway’s traditional Christian values, and identifying himself as a “Christian crusader”.

    And then we can always talk about the IRA, the Army of God and the KKK….


    Focusing on (turn the other cheek)Christians is kind of chicken shit. Conviction would be better demonstrated by a look at the more stoning and decapitating ‘faiths’.
    Is this #14 because there are at least 13 other “insights”? Or is someone just showing off their counting-up-to skills?
    “All Christians …. feel outraged”. All of them. No exceptions. Hmm. Does that seem statistically likely?
    “outrage is common to all religions”? A person would have to be very well read to suggest that. Raging animists? Beserker buddhists? Unless Coles has put something out.


    Yeah there have been militant buddhists… it’s not common post-WW2 though.


    sounds like some one’s a little “outraged” …..if christians are the ones surrounding you on a daily basis then why would you make a comment on muslims?buddhists? and yes there are many, many reasons religious folk are insane.


    I don’t think that most religious people do actually vigorously deny the existence of other gods, they largely just take it as a given. It’s obvious that all of those OTHER gods don’t exist, so it’s not even worth a second thought.

    To the posters above: People focus on what they see around them. If you’re in the U.S., then you’re seeing mostly Christians behaving this way.


    their “outrage” prevents them from realizing people write about what they see. I know batman and superman are fictitious, but I have a close relationship with spiderman.


    What if “God” was just a metaphor for the Universe in it’s infinite entirety?


    I like to think that too. Unfortunately, there are a bunch of other people who like to think that said metaphor is worth killing and oppressing people over.

    Still others would decry you a heathen and threaten or harm you for reducing their metaphor to a metaphor.


    Sounds almost like it’s a disease… of language.


    well then you have to ask yourself, as you look up into the night sky…..does that star on the left really care if I masturbate? and suddenly all the religions in the world just seem silly 🙂


    “What if “God” was just a metaphor for the Universe in it’s infinite entirety?”

    Then you’d be an atheist….


    There are thousands of reasons that Christianity is stupid, this doesn’t even come close to the top of the list.

    But I guess the implication here is that Christians deny the existence of other gods for the same reasons people belonging to other faith deny Yahweh.


    There should be an ‘s’ after faith, faggot. Make your nouns agree, faggot.

    Did I mention you are a faggot, faggot?


    Something tell me you were beaten both for acting gay and for your grammar when you were a kid.

    Perhaps your guardians should have concentrated more on correcting your poor trolling skills.


    I think of religion as a communicable mental illness. No child is born with religion, it’s not an instinct, it has to be taught by someone. In almost every case the religious instruction begins with “do what I say or *deity name* will punish you”. Its just a form of control. Theists will tell you anything good that happens is the result in their faith in their god or their particular version of their god. Rarely will they say that something bad was a punishment, after all that would imply they deserved it. If someone said “I won the lottery… Read more »


    wtf, is there a reason none of my comments are showing up?