which of these signs will prevent another tragedy

which of these signs will prevent another tragedy.jpeg

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    neither you fucking moron


    Thank you. What I was gunner say.


    Nutters with guns don’t read or care about signs. “I was going to go on a shooting rampage but a signed warned me I might get hurt if I did”.


    Not quite,

    That most unwelcome interruption of the Batman Premiere in Aurora? There were Theaters closer to the Nutters Home and there were larger Theaters showing the Film. But NONE of those had a “No Guns” Policy or were as Public about enforcing it as that Theater.

    As a matter of fact, ALL of the Shooting Rampages since Virgina Tech (if not before) have had some variation of the Sign on the left.

    Don’t know that the Sign on the right would prevent an Incident, but the Sign on the Left sure seems to attract them…


    Seriously, do you really think that if the Aurora theatre had 10 guys with loaded Ak47s in every theatre that the shooter wouldn’t have just gone somewhere else? And if everyone was armed all the time what would stop every parking lot argument from turning into a shootout?
    The answer is better care for the mentally ill and better background checks for gun purchases, but congress keeps defunding mental health programs and the NRA keeps fighting background checks.
    If you really think the problem is “no guns” rules in theatres, don’t go to those theatres.


    “And if everyone was armed all the time what would stop every parking lot argument from turning into a shootout?”
    But wouldn’t that be the feeling of the Old West we all want? Then everybody could feel like Wild Bill Hickok. Wait, wasn’t he armed when…oh, nevermind. Just don’t sit with your back to the door.


    Wild West? Learn some American History. Shootouts were very rare in the “Wild West” web.archive.org/web/20130623084442/http://www.cracked.com/article_18487_6-ridiculous-history-myths-you-probably-think-are-true.html 6. Gun Fights in the Violent Wild West The Insanity: A gloriously mustached man sits at a card game in an old saloon, surrounded by cowboys and surprisingly fresh-faced prostitutes. He looks up, and notices that the player opposite him is hiding an extra card up his sleeve. He calls him on it, the word yellow is pronounced as ‘yeller,’ and pretty soon they’re facing off in the city square. There’s a long moment before the cheater moves for his hip holster, but he’s not… Read more »


    grandadmiralthrawn – “Criminals inflated their murder stats for the same reason guys today inflate their sexual experience: It made them look cool.”

    And here still lies the problem with enabling daft cunts wannabe gangsters to brandish guns.


    “A century and a half later, we still love that lie. We believe it because shooting a nameless bad guy in the heart is infinitely more satisfying than filing a complaint with the cops or writing a strongly worded letter to the editor. No checks and balances, no second guessing. Just you and a gun.” I know very well about what is myth and what is truth about the Old West, because I DID learn and still DO learn quite a lot about American History, thank you very much. But that last paragraph of yours is exactly what I meant… Read more »


    Ever thought of that school shooters and the like might not always want to live after having done the shooting?

    The shooters might very well go to where they know people are armed.


    Exactly. Looking at how long the police needs to get to the shooter, they might even have enough time to kill a few people and get away, if nobody else around is armed. Still they stay around. Hmmm…


    “As a matter of fact, ALL of the Shooting Rampages since Virgina Tech (if not before) have had some variation of the Sign on the left” Complete bullshit – just the usual NRA propaganda. Here are a few examples: Sept. 11, 2013 – Crab Orchard, Tenn. – 4 dead Jacob Allen Bennett, 26, was arrested in the shooting deaths of a woman and three teenagers. Their bodies were found in a car about 50 miles west of Knoxville, Tenn. July 26, 2013 – Hialeah, Fla. – 7 dead (including gunman) Pedro Vargas, 42, went on a shooting spree in his… Read more »


    Yeah, it’s not like people who commit shooting sprees are actually committing an elaborate murder-suicide because they’re batshit crazy. Oh wait, they totally do.


    Fine, in most of the English speaking world, (including the United Kingdom until a few years ago), attempting or committing suicide is a crime.

    Give them swift justice.


    Yeah, I heard that since they passed a law making it illegal to shoot at the President and Vice-President of the United States and their families as well as all previous ex-Presidents and ex-Vice Presidents…

    there is now no reason for the uses of the Secret Service – they have now been disbanded. Yeah, that works…

    This uses the same asinine reasoning and logic that Texans believe that the capital punishment deters or lowers the homicide rate in that state…
    yep Jethro, after 40 years that’s working out just fine.


    But a sane gun policy might…..


    From what I’ve seen of mass murdering gunmen they don’t seem to care about getting arested OR shot.


    Prevent? Neither, although one is more likely to limit the damage and end the tragedy much earlier.


    Because we know keeping guns around children is a good idea.


    “Tragedy tonight as a heavily armed and trained staff member goes on a shooting spree in a school, film at 11”


    My immediate thoughts:
    1. Start by shooting the staff immediately.
    2. So the staff here are have weapons in easy reach? So that means they’re probably not all that well secured. So I just need to work our where one’s kept and then-

    There is not answer which will prevent shit. The best prevention is identifying and helping the mentally sick people who do most of these atrocities and taking action to prevent them from having easy access to guns.


    You mean like the mentaly ill DC shooter who was denied a gun in DC and just went over the border to VA and bought a shotgun there?
    Preventing ill people from getting weapons requires a national database of both the mentally ill and licensed gun owners, and the NRA would never stand for that.


    That would mean they would have to do a one-eighty on their policies. And as long as “We need to be armed because guns are too easily accessible” works, they won’t budge.


    The sink need helped.

    And a gun on a hip is pretty well secured.